[Archive] I Watched: IRIS: A Space Opera By Justice

Last Monday I went to go see Iris: A Space Opera by Justice! What an experience.

Going to see a movie that is the light show of a concert is an odd sell, especially when you’ve been to that concert before. It is how they do it that brought me in. Recorded in essentially a warehouse, modelled and kitted out in such a way that it’s almost a void. The making-of they showed before the performance likened it to an otherworldly dimension. When the light show is in full swing, I’d have to agree.

One of the main drawbacks I felt from seeing it this way, though, was because the show almost always had some form of flashing lights, and the cinema being a screen made those bright flashing lights feel harsher compared to seeing it live. That’s more a commentary on cinema and displays though.

Overall, great experience. I hope they change their mind on not doing a release.

Good news - they did! :smiley: